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Welcome to the LIVES wiki-glossary!

This wiki is dedicated to helping researchers in the social sciences, junior or advanced, who need to have an overview of the critical concepts associated with research on vulnerability in a life course perspective. This initiative aims to make interdisciplinary research more straightforward. With over 30 central concepts described and explained, it includes terms such as vulnerability, trajectories, reserves, cumulative (dis)advantages, resilience, longitudinal data (retrospective and prospective) and many more.

It is a project of the Centre LIVES
Initially reserved to LIVES members only, the wiki glossary is now open to the general public for consultation.
If you wish to add a new definition on the life course and vulnerability, suggestions and contributions are possible by sending us your proposition via this form :

Please, cite in the APA standard as reference for any use of the wiki-glossary.

List of definitions

Concept Author(s) LIVES Glossary visualisation
Capabilities Jean-Michel Bonvin Semantic-network2.png
Causality Paulo Ghisletta
Career development Koorosh Massoudi, Jacques-Antoine Gauthier, Ieva Urbanaviciute
Cumulative (dis)advantages Marie Baeriswyl
Employability Michele Pellizzari, Daniel Oesch, Rafael Lalive
Family ties Eric Widmer
Gender regimes Nicky Le Feuvre
Life course Laura Bernardi, Dario Spini
Life domains Laura Bernardi, Danilo Bolano
Interdependencies across life course dimensions Jacques-Antoine Gauthier, Danilo Bolano
Longitudinal Data Jean-Marie Le-Goff, Clémentine Rossier, Matthias Studer
Meso level Mattia Vacchiano, Dario Spini
Missing data André Berchtold
Mixed methods Emilie Joly-Burra, Oana Ciobanu, Paolo Ghisletta
Recovery Hannah S. Klaas, Anna Ehsan
Reserves Marie Baeriswyl
Resources - fusionner avec: Resources (personal, social, economic, etc.) Laura Bernardi, Danilo Bolano, Marie Baeriswyl
Social capital Mattia Vacchiano, Dario Spini, Olga Ganjour, Eric Widmer
Social groups Christian Staerklé
Social network Mattia Vacchiano
Spillover-crossover effects Koorosh Massoudi, Anna Baranowska-Rataj, Laura Bernardi
Trajectories Jacques-Antoine Gauthier, Jonas Masdonati, Koorosh Massoudi, Shagini Udayar, Ieva Urbanaviciute
Transition-bifurcation Jean-Marie Le Goff, Alexandra M. Freund
Stress and stressors Marie Baeriswyl
Vulnerability Dario Spini, Laura Bernardi